Poetry Contest Winners Announced

The Waycross-Ware County Public Library celebrated National Poetry Month this April with a pocket poems, a poet-tree and a poetry contest. Here are the three winners:


Author: Haley B
Age: 12
Title: Millie and Dixie: My Dogs
Poem: Millie whines. Dixie barks.
Millie likes yards. Dixie likes parks.
Dixie eats slowly, and quietly.
Millie is a pig.
Dixie likes to sleep.
Millie likes to eat bugs.
Dixie is scared of thunder, and lighting.
Millie just whines “This isn’t frightening.”
I love both the dogs, but I have to say,
Millie is more exciting than Dixie any day!


Author: Ben B
Age: 11
Title: Dixie Eats Books
Poem: Dixie eats books, especially library books.
(Not from this one, that’s good.)
We hide the books, Dixie finds the books.
Dixie loves books, in a bad way.
But now Dixie has a Kennel and Playmate, so now books win.


Author: Samuel B
Age: 9
Title: The Talking Sunflower
Poem: I love to run in the fields of flowers.
I like the sunflowers.
I like to run in the flowers!

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