National Voter Registration Day

This year the Okefenokee Regional Library System is proud to participate in National Voter Registration Day on September 26th. National Voter Registration Day, first observed in 2012, is a day to celebrate our democracy and encourage civic engagement. Each year, millions of citizens are unable to vote because they haven’t registered or their registration information is out-of-date. Registering to vote is free and will ensure that you are able to participate in any upcoming local, state or national elections. Don’t be left out!

The library invites current U.S. citizens and Georgia residents over 18 to come check your voter registration status, update your registration or register for the first time at the library. Anyone who comes to the library to register or update their registration on September 26th, 2017 will be eligible to have their current fines cut by 20%. Anyone who checks their voter registration status and confirms their registration information is accurate is eligible to have their current fines cut by 10%. Please note that in either case, the discount is applied to fines only and not charges for lost materials.

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