AMV Contest

Make your own Anime Music Video to share with the world at OkeCon 2018! Submit entry by April 23, 2018. Call Outreach Librarian Teretha Scott at (912) 287-6570 for submission instructions or visit the Anime Culture Club’s Facebook page.


 AMV Contest Rules

 OkeCon is now accepting submissions for the 2018 AMV Contest (AMV stands for “Animated Music Video”).  The contest will be limited to a total of 30 entries selected by the Anime Culture Club (ACC) pre-judging panel.  Finalists will be voted on by ACC members at the regular meeting in April.  Entrants who are also ACC members are encouraged but not required to submit their votes during judging and to attend the convention on May 5th to accept any awards they may win.

Rules and Guidelines

1) All submissions to the AMV Contest must consist of at least 80% animation, video game cut scenes or anime-inspired stills.

2) Videos should not contain watermarks or subtitles that were not inserted by the editor (e.g. “TV Tokyo” or “Funimation” logo) or subtitles (such as fansubs) that are unrelated to the video.  Covering subtitles or watermarks with black boxes, blur, pixilation, etc. or blowing your video up so that subtitles and watermarks are out of frame will also count against your entry. Any instance of opening or closing credits from the anime.  Some exception may be made for the title of the anime, if related to the video.

3) We will be making title cards for each finalist, so we ask that your submissions not include intros, credits, studio bumpers, lead-ins, or lead-outs not directly related to the video content.

4) We recommend videos be of reasonable video and audio quality. We suggest that your video resolution be at least 640 x 480 pixels (p), and your frame rate be 24 frames per second (fps) or higher. However, we also don’t recommend submitting files that are greater than 1280 x 720 p or 29.97 fps, for space and portability concerns. Exceedingly poor audio or video quality will result in disqualification.

4a) Videos submitted to the AMV Contest must be under 5 minutes and only consist of footage edited solely by the entrant(s). Entries that use footage taken from other AMVs will be disqualified.

4b) Videos hosted on video-streaming sites submitted via link cannot have been uploaded prior to the start of the contest (March 9th, 2018).

5) Collaborations and Multi-Editor Projects (MEPs) are allowed, but each participant must be listed on the submission form.

6) Entrants are only allowed to submit up to two (2) videos.

7) Submitted videos must not contain excessive violence, foul language or content that would place it above a PG-13 rating. Appropriateness along these terms will be determined on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of the ACC pre-judging panel. Questions of appropriateness should be directed to ACC president Macie Britt before final entry.

8) Videos should be new creations produced within the contest period, beginning March 9, 2018 and ending April 23, 2018.

9) All submissions must be made to the ACC no later than 11:59:59 pm on April 23rd, 2018.  Attendance at OkeCon or the Anime Culture Club April meeting is not required to enter the competition and will not improve your odds of winning beyond the single vote that you may cast for your own video if you are present at the club meeting.

10) Anime Culture Club officers will notify all entrants to the AMV Contest whether or not their submission was selected as a winner no later than one week prior to the convention.

Entry Info:
Call (912) 287-6570 for information on how to enter. Entry requires you to provide a download link of your video.  If using Google Drive or Dropbox, please make sure that the URL you send is a “shared” or “public” link. If your AMV is available for local download on, you also have the option of providing a link to its video information page. Note: “streaming only” links will not be accepted.  Links to videos hosted on YouTube are accepted. Email submission to the ACC or make an appointment to submit via flash drive. Please note that the ACC, Waycross-Ware County Public Library, Okefenokee Regional Library System, OkeCon, and any affiliates are not responsible for any loss or damage of submitted flash drives.

If your video meets the necessary rules and requirements, we will make every effort to send a confirmation e-mail to you within 72 hours. Note: At any time, OkeCon, the ACC, and the Okefenokee Regional Library System reserve the right to disqualify or not show any submitted video for any reason.

File Formats:
The ACC is able to accept videos in a wide variety of file types and resolutions, but please do not upscale your videos. The preferred file type is MP4, but we also accept AVI, MPEG-2, WMV, MKV and others. Send an email to the ACC if you have questions about acceptable file formats.

We strongly discourage submitting QuickTime, DivX, Real Media or Flash Video.

While it is understood that entrants draw from source material (music, video) that they do not own, the work that they create should be sufficiently changed from these source materials to be considered transformative and not substitute for the original work in any conceivable market. The AMV submitted must be an original remix created entirely be the entrant(s). By submitting an AMV in this contest, entrants understand and agree that they give the ACC, Okefenokee Regional Library System, and OkeCon the right to use, alter, and publicly display their submitted work.

After the submission deadline (4/23/2018) passes, Anime Culture Club members will rate each video on April 28th, and the top three AMVs will be selected as winners and screened during OkeCon. Winners will be announced and notified via e-mail about a week after (4/30) the submission deadline passes. In addition to the winners chosen by ACC members, there will also be an “OkeCon Audience Choice” awarded by popular vote of OkeCon attendees on May 5th. The winner of the OkeCon Audience Choice award must be present to receive the prize for it.

 Each category will be scored on a scale of 1-5, for a maximum of 35 points.

  • Concept/Originality – Does the basic idea of the video work? Is the story or concept one that is both original and makes sense?
  • Emotional Appeal – Does the video make the viewer feel appropriately happy, sad, excited, scared or other feelings (does the mood of the music suit the video and vice versa)?
  • Aesthetic Appeal – Does the video look good?  Do the special effects add to the quality of the video or detract from it?  Does the music choice enhance the video or make it harder to watch?
  • Rhythm/Sync – Does what’s happening on screen match the timing of the audio? Is there lip sync or mickey-mousing? Does what’s happening on screen seem tied to some part of the song (be it beat, lyrics, or melody)?
  • Technical Prowess – Has the editor added any special polish to the video?  Are filters, transitions and effects applied in ways that enhance the look of the video, or do they distract from the video?  Does it seem like the editor understands how to control and execute those effects?  Has the video been rendered and encoded properly, without artifacting or resampling issues?
  • Flow/Editing – Are cuts made in appropriate places?  Does the motion onscreen flow well between cuts?  Does the AMV feel like a single cohesive whole, with scenes transitioning well into one another, or does it feel like just a bunch of random unrelated scenes?
  • Rewatchability – Does the video hold up to repeated viewings? Is it one that people would want to experience again and again? 

Prizes and Awards:
There will be first, second, and third place winners, an OkeCon Audience Choice Award, and two Honorable Mentions. Prizes are donated by our generous sponsors.  Exact prizes to be announced at a later date.

The Anime Culture Club cannot afford to ship these prizes worldwide.  Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you are disqualified if you cannot attend; it just means you can’t get one of the physical items.  They will be awarded to winners who are physically present.  If you win, but can’t be present, you still get credit as the winner; we just can’t ship any physical items to you.

If you have any questions or comments about the contest, you can contact the ACC president Macie Britt via Outreach Librarian Teretha Scott at (912) 287-6570.